About Us

53 years of great work!

About our 53 years of great work!

Mikon Products is a family owned and operated paint business; established in 1971 and located in a 30,000 square foot facility in Oxford, Connecticut. We have 4 conveyorized powder coating lines, 1 extra lage powder coating batch booth and 5 wet paint booths. Our masking department is able to skillfully mask parts to customers drawing specifications to ensure accurate painting, while our tough Quality Control Department ensures top quality on all outgoing shipments. Strict guidelines for medical, military, and electronic customers are no problem.
We also provide artwork and silkscreening services. Sandblasting is available to remove old paint and scale.

With over 100 different paint samples, many of them available in stock, we can meets all of your needs. Our location is convenient to I-84, I-95 we can easily service all of Connecticut and parts of New York State.

Stop by anytime and you'll find the owners and employees hard at work delivering quality painting services. From car to truck frames, to small brackets and screws, no job is to small and no job is too big.

We let our pride show in everything we do. Our work is superb, and we are happy to give you a price on anything you need to have painted or powder coated! If you are looking for painting or powder coating services near you, look no further!

Air Brush Sprayer

Mikon's paint operations

offer many options and types of paint. Wet paint is the traditional method of coating an item with a liquid paint. This method can be used on a range of material such as plastic, metal, and …

Spray Booth

Spray Booths

  • 4 conveyorized powder coating lines
  • 1 extra large powder coating batch booth
  • 5 wet paint booths
Quality Control

Quality Control

Our tough Quality Control Department ensures top quality on all outgoing shipments, from truck frames to small brackets and screws for medical, military, and commercial customers.